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Latest Updates

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I've been doing paid 3D work and that has to take priority over making silly space ships and stuff for free.  I am working on my usual stuff in between, so there will be more releases coming soon.  Stay tuned.

This website is where I share the fruits of my labours with the general 3D community.  I can't make pictures for toffee, but I can make little models and scenery, so the models I make I tend to hand out so that more talented artists can use them to make great stuff.  Enjoy.


Thanks to the Metamorphosis design people for this website template, without which this would be all text and very 90's looking.  I didn't want this to look like the website of a crazed conspiracy theorist, so I resorted to a downloaded CSS instead.  When my skills improve I'll tweak to suit.  Cheers.

Where I am right now

Check out the following links to the sites where I post my stuff on a regular basis.  You'll find me as either Axeman3D or Kenny 10 Bellys depending on where and when you find me: